Know whose turn it is to pay.

Ledger makes it easy to know who should cover the bill, so you can focus on your experiences not your expenses.

Do More

Focus on Experiences

Socializing with friends shouldn't be stressful. Ledger removes the most stress of managing money, so you can just enjoy the moment.

We believe that when friends pool resources together, they can do more, and it is more enjoyable when  everyone can participate.

Splitting an expense is easy

Ledger makes it simple to share an expense, it just takes 3 clicks. So you can get back to focusing what you enjoy doing.

We use military grade security to connect with your financial accounts. Giving you one place to track and split expenses.

All your expenses in one place

Things we do to make your life easier!

Never forget to split a an expense. We integrate with your bank using military grade security to automatically pull in a feed of your transactions.


Instant notifications, Ledger automatically notifies everyone, even if they are not using Ledger.

Simplicity. We've boiled down the process of splitting an expense to just 3 clicks.

Focus on experiences, not expenses.

Download our app today and stop stressing out over splitting expenses.

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